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The popular blockchain blog Steemit is no new kid on the block when it comes to cryptocurrency. It is very popular with blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It also features its very own cryptocurrency – STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD). Users are rewarded for creating and curating good content and paid in these cryptocurrencies. This is unlike other social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter where the company gets to keep all the profits. This new model of shared ownership is taking the world by storm. The blockchain continues to disrupt traditional industries through innovation. Hence we had to get TUNE in on the action.

Even more fitting for a blog that runs on a blockchain is to feature articles about ground-breaking new cryptocurrencies.

We go quite in-depth and explain TUNE in easy to understand language. To whet your appetite, here is a short summary of the full article:

What is TUNE?

TUNE is a masternode cryptocurrency for incubating and investing in new cryptocurrencies.

Are There Coins Locked?

Less than 1% of the total supply of the coins are locked to secure the cryptocurrency. These cannot be sold and it also prevents dumping of the coin.

What is TUN?

TUN uses a proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm and neoscrypt encryption. A great characteristic of TUNE is that it has a very short block time of 90 seconds. For their efforts, miners are rewarded with rewards of 5 TUN per block and masternodes also receive 5 TUN per masternode. The coin has a very low supply of just over 3 million.

Will The Block Rewards Stay The Same?

No. The cryptocurrency has a halving interval built in which means that after a year, the rewards will reduce to 2.5 TUN per block.

What Do You Need To Start A TUNE Masternode?

At present masternodes require 3000 TUN to be held in their wallets to be registered on the network. It was decided to keep the price of a masternode steady at 3000 TUN. Masternode holders also earn an incentive to keep their nodes running called profit share. We have the complete TUNE masternode setup guide right here.

What is Profit Sharing?

Profit sharing is a system where masternode holders receive 50% of all profits generated on the TUNE blockchain. It is kept in a public Bitcoin wallet. The profits are paid over to masternode holders on a monthly basis. Masternode holders need to register to receive the profit sharing benefit of TUNE.

Does TUNE have a Investment Strategy?

5 BTC of the 10 BTC fund will be invested and used for trading. To grow the investment fund, the team has invested in  MEDIC Coin, POLIS and NUMUS masternodes. These investment reports are released weekly on all our social channels and this website blog.

Why Do You Need 3000 TUN To Start A Masternode?

This is to prevent negative behaviour. By having a financial stake in the blockchain, also referred to as having “skin in the game”, masternodes will act in their own best interests as well as benefiting the community.

How Do You Buy TUN?

TUN is listed on four exchanges – Coinexchange, Southxchange, CryptoBridge and Stocks.exchange.

What TUNE wallets are available?

There are wallets available for Linux and Windows. You can also compile them from the source code on GitHub. Always check our blog and social channels for the latest wallet updates.


You can read the full article on Steemit: Beginner’s Guide To The TUNE Cryptocurrency

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