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Yes, profit-sharing! Mining or buying TUN is good for prospectors that buy low and wait for the coin’s value to increase to sell at a higher price later, BUT surely there is more you can do with those coins than just HODL and hope the coin’s value go up. Introducing masternodes – put your TUN coins to better use! You can use your coins as collateral (currently 3000 TUN) for a masternode. Not only will you earn great rewards for your contribution to the network, but also earn BTC as part of TUNE coin’s profit-sharing on our awesome incubation, investing and trading services.

Enable Coin Control Features

1) Click on “Settings”
2) Click on “Options”
3) Select the “Wallet Tab”
4) Make sure the “Enable coin control features” checkbox is selected
5) Click “OK” to save settings

Account Verification

Send an email to to sign up for profit sharing.

1) Subject must include below information

  • Text: “Sign up – “
  • Your Discord ID:  @tunecrypto#8833
    E.g: Sign up – @tunecrypto#8833

2) Body must include below information

  • Your mail address
  • Your Discord ID : (ex) @tunecrypto
  • Your BTC address (where we send your BTC share)
  • Your TUNE address (that address has enough TUNE for a masternode, currently 3000 TUN)
  • Your masternode output txid (in debug console, type masternode outputs, and paste it)
  • Your IP (after snapshot – we will check if the IP was “ENABLED”)
  • Your amount, you can decide. “THE AMOUNT” is just to verify you are the wallet holder
    Send less then 0.1 TUN, but use a complex amount, think of it as a password.

Wallet Verification

From your TUNE wallet address (same as above), send “THE AMOUNT” (same as above) to the TUNE Masternode Verification Address : TW9rJobv8MZEn4VxXM89wH4npuNNGjDYTq

1) Click on “Send”
2) Click “Inputs”
3) In List mode, choose one from same address (DO NOT choose the collateral amount) and click “OK”
4) Pay To: TW9rJobv8MZEn4VxXM89wH4npuNNGjDYTq
5) Label: Profit Share Verification (optional)
6) Amount: “THE AMOUNT”
7) Please make sure the “Subtract fee from amount” is NOT selected
8) Click “Send”


Q: How will I know if my profit share verification was successful?
A: We will send you a confirmation email to welcome you to the TUN masternode holders and update your TUN Discord user type to Masternode Holder

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