TUNE welcomes new rules and action plan

The TUNE teams is proud to announce the latest developments.

We have amended the TUNE rules and release the following action plan for March 2018:

New Rules

  • Profit Share – 50% to Masternode Holders and 50% to be reinvested
  • Payouts will occur once a month on the last day of the month
  • Weekly updates will be posted on the investment team’s performance
  • The collateral for nodes will be locked in on 3000 TUN until block 100k. The masternode holders will vote on new increments from block 120k onwards

March Action Plan

  •  1 – 5 March: Wallet and code updates
  • 5 March: New team announcement
  • 5 – 12 March: Update the list of masternode holders
  • 5 March: Release funds to investment specialist team – 5 BTC of the TUNE Investment Fund and 2 BTC from CryptoSure, 3 BTC from POLIS Investment Group
  • 5 March: Set up 2 masternodes for the TUNE Investment Fund from the premined TUNE
  • 12 March: First Investment Fund performance sheet to be released
  • 19 March: Second Investment Fund performance Sheet to be released
  • 26 March: Third and final Investment fund performance sheet with the payout totals to be released
  • 30 March: Payout Profits to masternode holders
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